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This livejournal is friends only. So comment on this post if you want me to add you~

-I'd rather the people that add me have common interests, and if you love NEWS/Tegoshi/Tegomasu then we're going to get along veeeery well

- Please don't just comment saying "I'm a NEWS fan, add me!" or something like that. Let me know why you want to be friends and why you think we'd get along! I'm NOT going to be adding people back if they don't~

- Don't add me if you're not going to post/comment afterwards. The whole point is to be friends so it's a waste adding people who aren't going to talk to me in the end.

I have some very fangirly posts and some rl posts so yeah~

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♪ Massu JCD fail explained

Hi :)
Translated this and am just going to leave it here, gives me an excuse to actually post something on my lj XD

From last night's MasterHits

The other day I went to Johnny's Countdown. And there was something that I was wondering about. From what I could see, I think that it seemed like you weren't really dancing for Bulldog that you participated in. Did something happen? Masuda-kun is always perfect in his dancing so I was wondering about it.

I got a lot of other emails saying "Was it not planned for you to go out for that?" and "You were really messy" (laugh) so I'm naturally not the type to want to admit my mistakes so I thought I could just ignore them all as much as possible but, as expected there were too many emails, so I thought I'd touch on it, or rather explain? (laugh) Or make excuses? Well, first of all, I'm sorry, ufufu (laugh) Bulldog was horrible~ Making an excuse, I was told that I was going to be in Andalucia and Bulldog, and Andalucia has some parts with odd choreography, the moves are difficult, they seem simple but are pretty hard. I thought that I had to get Andalucia done so I practiced it. Then with Bulldog, I had 1 proper rehearsal for it, got lightly taught the choreography and said that I was already okay with it, that I could do it. All the members going to be in Andalucia said "Let's do it properly" so we all practiced, like practicing with the V6 members being there next to us as well. Then I was okay with Andalucia too. Then it was time for the actual show, and Bulldog, firstly I got my starting position completely wrong, then I started thinking "Why is Nakamaru-kun over there? What's he doing?" like that, I was already panicking. Masuda Panic. I didn't sing any other part other than "Nicchi mo sacchi mo~ Bulldog". There was a dance bit at the chorus but I miraculously managed to get the whole thing wrong. I got a lot of the staff and friends sending messages to my phone afterwards saying "Masuda, dance Bulldog properly". I thought that it was probably okay, that even though I made mistakes that I wouldn't have been filmed too much, but when I got home and checked, I was pretty much filmed the whole time (laugh) When being asked what happened, I could have just followed along with people thinking that I wasn't actually supposed to be in it but then was suddenly told to go out but I actually did get to rehearse it. I thought it was inexcusable. Even though I properly practiced for Andalucia, I was supposed to do a clockwise turn but I ended up doing an anti-clockwise turn and so I made a mistake in Andalucia anyways, and it was aired. I was just overall no good.

And this wasn't shown on air, but I think the people at the venue noticed it, we were making our appearance as 4 member NEWS so we were hidden. After KAT-TUN finish their "Hikari to kage~" song, It would be all "Next is NEWS~!" and that's where we come out. I knew that we had to come out at the "NEWS~" part, but I didn't know when the song was ending and even though I wanted to come out at the "NEWS~" part, I don't really know but I ended up coming out at the chorus bit, and the audience screamed, and it was like "I'm so sorry~~" and had to be hidden again and then when I came out the 2nd time, I felt grateful to the audience that screamed again that time, it was like "Masuda coming out twice". That wasn't shown on TV so I want you to keep it a secret. I made a lot of mistakes didn't I. Now looking forward to the countdown concert this year, I think that I want to straighten myself out and do it properly.

- - - - -
haha oh well, Massu is only human after all? He can't be perfect all the time XD People should not be dissing him for messing up, he panicked and his mind blanked I guess? Happens to all of us~

His last mistake is kinda cute though lol Oh Massu XD
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♪ Tegoshi in Kyoto!

Posting this here because it's easier to type it up on lj than to tweet it all XD

So it seems like Tegoshi was on a private trip to Kyoto on the 4th

Yep, that's him XD
He was wearing white sweat pants + jacket, all white with his usual sunglasses (So inconspicuous of you Tego XD) Have seen a lot of tweets about how his outfit was quite チャライand he looked like a yankee XD; (Plus he looks soooo thin from the side like this! He's so skinny XD)

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And just for the record, I don't like his outfit! XDDD It looks kinda like he wasn't bothered to dress himself properly, he just wore whatever and put on some sunnies XD; I still love you thought Tegoshi :D ahaha
Aoi Bench Tego



I was expecting a new single (Or anything!) from Tegomasu sometime soon-ish, since they did say that they had something planned for Tegomasu at their concerts :) The timing of the announcement totally surprised me though, I’M SO HAPPY!! :D TEGOMAAAASU ♥

You guys probably know already, but the single ‘Aoi Bench’ is a cover song. The original song was sung by a duo called ‘SASUKE’.

This is the original song that Tegomasu are covering. It's a really nice song, I like it already!! :D I can already imagine Tegomasu singing it XD Am betting it'll sound amazing :D (Plus accoustic version OMG YES!! :D Tegomasu + accoustic! The song sounds like it would be nice done acoustically as well :D)

And unless they've changed the lyrics around in the Tegomasu version (I doubt it?) then these are the lyrics! In case some of you are curious :)


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And one of the coupling songs is called "愛はシンプルなカレーライス" (Love is a simple curry rice) LOL OMG WHAAAT? XD

An some really random bits from the concert that have got me a bit crazy right now XD SO MUCH RYOMASSU LOVE!!
  • IN D.T.F RYO KISSED MASSU'S CHEEK!!! AND THEN HE LICKED HIM (ON THE CHEEK?)!! XD Then Massu was all "HUH? O_O" and Ryo laughed and wiped it with the NEWS towel ahaha RYO WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU!? XD
  •  In Endless Summer Massu went up to Ryo and put his arms around his waist, but Ryo didn't like it and pulled away from Massu XD
  • During Happy Birthday (Maybe~) Tego put his head on Massu's shoulder and were being kinda coupley ahaha
  • There was no Massu Hip Thrusting like there was in Osaka during D.T.F so people were dissapointed ahaha (I WOULD BE TOO THOUGH!)
  • Massu's hair wasn't red anymore, it's back to just normally brown apparently~
  • Tego kissed Koyama on the cheek like 2~3 times apparently!
  • During MC they talked about what they did after the Osaka con, Massu said he went to the pools with Nakamaru (He said he was the one that invited Nakamaru to climb Mt. Fuji so Nakamaru invited him to the pools :D). Then Ryo was saying how he can't swim well~ He can probably only swim 25m in 1min. Then  Massu was all "If we went together, I could get you to swim 25m in 30secs" lol THEY TOTALLY SHOULD GO TOGETHER, YES :D
  • Nakamaru also came to the concert! :D
  • Tego played Futsal and Pokemon after the Osaka cons lol
  • There is apparently a lot of Tego x Ryo and Massu x Pi singing bits in the new song and a rap?
  • When announcing the new song, they told Ryo to do it since it was on his birthday but he got all embarrassed and was all "No~" so they kinda went back and forth like "Fine I'll say it" "No, I'll do it" "Ok go then!" and then in the end Ryo did it XD
  • Near the end of the concert, Massu apparently said to the audience "I'm going to make you the 2nd happiest person in the world" and they were all "eeeh?" and then he said " Because I'm the happiest person in the world with you being here!" awww he's so learning from Tego XD
  • Shige bought out a camera during the encore and started taking photos of the audience. Apparently it was for Popolo! :D
  • Tego was apparently posing for Shige's camera while singing and it was really cute XD
  • In koi no ABO for the encore, Yamapi changed the lyrics to "Massu no oshiri ga bump~" "Massu's butt goes bump" XD
  • In the 2nd verse? of Weeeek, there was a KoyaTegoMassu sandwich hug! :D Where Tego tried to kiss Massu on the cheek but didn't~
  • KoyaTego had their arms around each other with Koyama patting Tegi's head and stuff ahaha :D
  • The backstage part for iitai dake was Tego and Yamapi! Tego was eating Kappiebisen and Yamapi had his dynabook and the tea :)
  • In the MC, Koyama said he saw Tego's Pokemon CM and he was all "Where you actually playing th game in the CM?" and Tego was all 'yeah!' and he said they didn't give him a script they just told him to say whatever came to mind while playing the game~
  • They talked a lot about Massu's swimming, Ryo asked "Can you swim 25m without taking a breath?" and Massu said yes and everyone was like "woah~". Massu also said he can swim 50m with only 1 breath. Ryo asks is Massu can dive but Massu said he can't, because it's scary XD
  • They talked about Koyama's stage play. He said that in an interview he was asked how many points he'd think he was? and he said 'I'm 26yrs old so 26'. Then he asked the rest how many points they think they'd have.  Massu -> "I'd want to give myself 120 points~", Tego -> 54, because 'Te.go.Shi" (go shi = 5 4) and I think Shige just said he was in the drama too and he can't really get any further than the no. he got on the drama!
  • After the finished singing (Fighting man I think?) they were moving to centre stage and Massu was singing by himself "Fighting man~ Fighting man~ Kyo! u! ka! ra! Fighting man~" XD

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Johnny's Family Club

Hey! :D Only like 4 more days in Japan D: Even though i'll miss Japan, I'm missing home and i miss just being lazy at home, because here we have to go lazy at home, because here we have to go out eeeeeveryday and my brain has to think 24/7 while at home my brain is lazy XDD; And i miss eating properly lol haven’t been eating properly XD

Anyways, today we went to both Shibuya and Harajuku so we went to Johnny's family club :D The building was pretty hard to find actually, even though i had directions XD to find actually, even though i had directions XD; But after GOING around in circles for a while,we finally found the street! It was in a very random street though the street! It was in a very random street though, it wasn't really a street where you'd random street though, it wasn't really a street where you'd expect to find Johnnys stuff XD;

This was the christmas tree that was right at the entrance :D
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There were also christmas messages from all groups, and above each message was a really cute picture of each member :D The NEWS really cute picture of each member :D The NEWS ones were all really cute♥ So, I figured i'd post them with the translation of the messages for you guys :D (No idea if they've been posted anywhere before this though XD;)

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